That Pup
That Pup
Maggie's Ball
Maggie's Ball 2010
Alfred Digs
Alfed Digs 2008

In The Garden
In the Garden: Who’s Been Here?

The Secret
The Secret 2005
Inside Outside Mouse

Inside Mouse, Outside Mouse

Pick, Pull, Snap

Pick, Pull, Snap!

My Bunny and Me
My Bunny and Me 2001
Around the World
Around the World 1999
Around the Pond
Around the Pond 1996
In The Snow
In the Snow Who's Been Here? 1995
In The Woods

In the Woods: Who’s Been Here?

Sweet Peas
Secrett Places 1993
Christmas at Long Pond
Christmas at Long Pond 1992
Fishing at Long Pond
Fishing at Long Pond1991
Box Turtle at Long Pond
Box turtle at Long Pond 1989
Bever at Long Pond
Bever at Long Pond 1988
William and Boomer
William and Boomer1987