In the Garden: Who’s Been Here?

In the Garden: Who’s Been Here?
Written and illustrated by Lindsay Barrett George
Greenwillow Books, 2006

Christina and Jeremy have been sent to the garden to gather vegetables for dinner.

But they quickly realize that they are not the first visitors to the garden today.

Keep your eyes open and join Christina and Jeremy on a scientific journey in their own backyard!

"Here, the natural world is a backyard garden, where siblings Christina and Jeremy collect vegetables. As they find signs of animal interlopers in the chewed leaves and missing corn kernels, they wonder, “Who’s been here?” George provides the answers on interspersed spreads that feature beautiful close-ups of the animal culprits, nibbling away. Young children will be easily drawn in by the detailed, realistic watercolor-and-ink illustrations of the plants and animals…and by the smooth text and its rhythmic refrain. A final page features postage-stamp-size images of each animal, accompanied by paragraphs offering more basic information. A fine introduction to common critters and the origins of common foods."—Booklist

"On a summer morning, Mother asks Christina and Jeremy to pick some vegetables from the garden. As the story progresses, readers learn that the garden has been invaded by a rabbit hopping by, a chipmunk eating sunflower seeds, a slug leaving a telltale trail of slime, and a crow pecking at some kernels of corn. There’s a relaxed attitude to all this; it’s not overtly stated but certainly implied that these visitors are welcome and part of the cycle of nature. The narrative ends happily with Mom offering a plate of cookies and a pitcher of milk, so even the humans get some nourishment…"—School Library Journal

"Mom sends Christina and Jeremy into the garden to pick vegetables for dinner. As they move from vegetable to vegetable, they notice signs that they are not alone. Nibbled leaves, holes in the soil, and slimy trails leave clues to the myriad of critters that challenge the gardener for the fruits of their labor. The text, one in a series of “Who’s Been Here” stories, draws readers into the mystery as it describes the crop damage and challenges the reader to solve the mystery. Bold, colorful illustrations render realistic portrayals of a chipmunk, a hornworm, rabbits, a slug, a crow, and other critters, as well as garden plants. As Christina and Jeremy complete their task, they find three plates and a pitcher of milk on the outside table. Hmmm? Who’s been here? A page describing each garden critter and a bit about their eating habits is included. A great book for encouraging a child’s observation of the natural world."—Children’s Literature