William and Boomer

William and Boomer
Written and illustrated by Lindsay Barrett George
Greenwillow Books, 1987

When William and his father found a baby goose, it was a fuzzy yellow ball.

They named it Boomer. Soon Boomer followed William wherever he went.

But when Boomer went swimming, William had to wait on shore.

This book chronicles the story of 2 young friends – one human, one feathered.

"William is a little boy who lives with his parents by a lake. One spring day he finds a baby goose, Boomer, who becomes his constant companion. While William waits for the water to warm up so he can learn to swim, Boomer slowly grows into an adult goose. At last the time comes when William and Boomer can go swimming together. The richly detailed, highly realistic illustrations draw the reader into William and Boomer’s world, and the overall effect is calm and soothing. Children will take pleasure in William and Boomer’s out of the ordinary friendship and the quiet satisfaction William derives from learning to swim. A very promising first picture book."—Publishers Weekly